Spectre 4" Polished Aluminum Chevy Cold Air Intake Dual Plenum
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Can’t find a Cold Air Intake constructed exactly the way you want it. Now you can create your own intake kit to exactly fit your big or small block Chevy the way you want to get the best airflow possible.  With these components you can design a system to intake the cold air in from anywhere you choose. 

  Spectre has everything you need including the Low Pro Air Box in either single or double inlets, Inline Air boxes, Filters, Aluminum Tubes in all sizes, Aluminum Elbows in all sizes and angles and even all the hardware you could possibly need to install and mount your creation.  If you need a low intake profile plenum we have it. We have every type of intake tube couplers and reducers you could need including hump hoses.  Even different types of air cleaner intake bases are available including flat, offset and dominator intake bases.  Several different types of intake funnels to capture the incoming air including a headlight intake funnel and a stone guard to fit that.  If you want to go through a piece of metal to get away from the heated air behind the radiator we have several different sizes of heat shield grommets. If you can think of anything else you might need to create an air intake of your very own design we have it, I just haven’t listed it yet.  

These intake kits can allow an average V8 engine to produce up to an additional 50HP due to the large volume of cool air entering the dual air intake boxes.  For every 10 degree drop in air temperature at the intake there is an approximate one and one half percent increase in HP. So air being pulled through the radiator before being ingested through the intake is heated to 180-200 degrees (the exhaust temperatures under the hood will increase temps also). On a typical summer day with outside temperatures at 90 degrees the difference is 110 degrees or 11-16% in HP. On a 400HP engine, that's 44-64 HP. That is a tremendous boost due to the intake design. 


Spectre Cold Air Intake

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Item #: Spe 9859

Mfg Part #: 9859